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Olive Services

Azzuro is a full service olive operator covering growing, olive milling, oil storage, filtering, bottling and packaging. We also provide pruning and fertilising services.  We have learned through consistently winning gold and silver medals in international competitions that our quality is the result of the choices that we make about:

  • when  to pick
  • when to process
  • the settings on the Alfa Laval control panel
  • eliminating oxygen
  • ensuring absolute cleanliness
  • following the established milling and finishing processes


Alfa Laval has over 70 years experience in creating olive oil plants world-wide that automates:

Azzuro's Alfa Laval olive mill has been designed to produce high quality olive oil as long as the processing practices comply wth the design standards. Azzuro has created methods that are proven through the resulting oils we produce.

We are able to provide olive growers with an efficient, flexibile and reliable service at competitive prices. 

Oil Finishing

Finishing is the term applied to oil storage, decanting, filtering, bottling (including labelling and capping) and packaging. The milled oil is stored in our oil cellar for twenty-one days before it is decanted and filtered when it can then be bottled or returned to growers in their own oil cans.

We would be delighted to show you around. If you would like to tour our facilities, please get in touch to arrange an appointment.

Getting Ready for Harvest

There are a number of things that you need to check. Click here 

Processing Schedule

The schedule will be posted here weekly so that you can organise your picking around the processing days. It is crucial that your olives are milled as soon as possible after picking them. This requires close coordination between growers and the mill.  Click on Services email here

Pruning & Fertilising

During the winter & early Spring we prune the olive trees to encourage the next seasons growth and fruiting. This is a crucial task that can make the difference between producing a top quality crop next year and limiting the yield or getting diseased fruit.

Where Azzuro harvests your crop we will have a very good idea of what improvements can be made to a grove. Keeping the trees trim makes a difference to the yield and also enables remedial work to be carried out when diseased fruit has been encountered during harvest (e.g. anthracnose).

During springtime we recommend an application of Olive Tree Mix to provide food to the roots of the tree as it comes out of its dormant growth period. This delivers trace elements to the system together with much-needed boron.  

During summertime we spray the foliage of the trees with a liquid kelp/liquid boron mix to help the fruit set.

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